Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stealing Some Sparkle

Okay now, nobody pass out but . . . I am blogging. No one has stolen my blogger identity and is writing in my place. Do not be mistaken, it is me.

However, I am blogging about a commercial. It's this one . . . Take a look.

A commercial for a dating website. I'm actually refreshed that it isn't pictures of happy couples on the beach who were "paired" on such-and-such date and were engaged less than a year later. Even the advertising is genius with the split screen and the couple meeting at the end. The song actually made its way to my purchased playlist courtesy of itunes. But the title of the dating website got me.

Having experienced a breakup or two, I understand that the "plenty of fish in the sea" thing is supposed to be encouraging. And maybe it is for a time. But when you're looking for the love of your life do you really want to be reminded that there are plenty of fish? That if you don't like the one you hooked you can just throw him back and cast out for another one? Don't get me wrong, I can get behind the company's catchy name. But maybe they should go with "Find the Perfect Fish" or something more goal oriented for its clients.

Because nobody wants "plenty of fish." All any person wants is one fish. That "one" is supposed to be special. It's supposed to feel magical. And stealing from my sister-in-law, it's supposed to Sparkle . (Side note - Check our her most recent post - it's pretty sparkly. I'd say she knows her stuff.)

Just my little bit for today. Hope I didn't bore you!

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  1. The commercial was darling, thanks for sharing. I've always found the phrase 'plenty of fish' super off-putting for the very same reasons. In my experience, when you find The One it's a little more like the scene from Sesame Street when Ernie and Bert go fishing. Ernie does his fish call, "Here fishy, fishy, fishy," and fish start hurling themselves over the sides of their tiny boat. Not that you'll find tons of The One at once, but when you and The One find each other it's so effortless, breathtaking, and even a little scary...though slightly less slimy than this clip: